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Alexandre Dang, Solar Flowers
Yeosu (South Korea) and Singapore - 12.05 - 12.08.2012
Ghent (Belgium). 12.05 - 16.09.2012

07.09 - 25.11.2012

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E-Flux Press release

Alexandre Dang comes originally from a scientific background (engineer). Convinced of the need to raise awareness on sustainable development, he has developed his artistic creation, often incorporating solar energy as source into his kinetic art works.

Though the sun provides 10,000 times more energy to the earth than humans need, more than 1.7 billion people still do not have access to electricity. The pressing need to address this issue is the driving force of Alexandre Dang’s artistic commitment, where he combines scientific approach, environmental concern, and humanism.

Alexandre Dang has developed a pedagogic aspect to his art, using it to educate young people about the potential of eco-technologies with a focus on renewable energy.

He is co-founder of Solar Solidarity International, a non-profit international association, to raise awareness of the potential of renewable sources of energy and to support solar electrification of schools, maternities, orphanages, hospitals, etc. in the developing world.

The Dancing Solar Flowers have become an iconic work by the artist. They have toured around the world: USA, China, Singapore, Korea, Mexico, Lebanon, Morocco, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Romania, etc.

Exhibition 17 May - 16 June 2012. Haunch of Venison, 550 West 21st Street - New York, NY 10011 (USA). Tel.: 212 259 00 00.

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Alexandre Dang, Field of Turning Sunflowers, European Commission (Berlaymont Building – Brussels), 18–28 June 2012. © Courtesy

Alexandre Dang, Field of Turning Sunflowers, European Commission (Berlaymont Building – Brussels), 18–28 June 2012. © Courtesy

Current exhibitions

World Expo Yeosu 2012, Korea : 12 May - 12 August 2012
World Expo Yeosu 2012, Korea, on the topic of “The Living Ocean and Coast” addresses sustainability for ocean and coast. Alexandre Dang presents, on the Belgian Pavilion, an installation titled the Dancing Solar Waves and Flowers, consisting of waves and aquatic flowers moving thanks to the energy of the light.

Singapore Art Museum: Art Garden 2012 : 18 May - 12 August 2012
In the frame of the exhibition Art Garden 2012 at the Singapore Art Museum, Alexandre Dang has filled in the façade of the Museum located at 8 Queen Street with a work titled Dancing Solar Flowers and Butterflies. The Dancing Solar Flowers at the façade interact with the light level during the day. In the early morning, the Dancing Solar Flowers and Butterflies quietly wake up from 7am till 9am. Between 10am and 4pm, they are moving at their maximum speed. Then, in the evening they slow down and even stop totally at night till the next morning. The installation also reacts during the day to the light level—the more light, the quicker the installation is moving. Hence, in the presence of heavy clouds the movement slows down and accelerates again when the clouds become thinner or disappear. The exhibition is organized by the Singapore Art Museum.