International exhibitions Benny Dröscher, Still Undreamded-of, Blindarte comporanea, Napoli

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Benny Dröscher, Still Undreamded-of
Blindarte comporanea, Napoli (Italy)

21.06 - 05.10.2012

07.09 - 25.11.2012

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Press release

Blindarte contemporanea is proud to present the second personal exhibition at the gallery of the Danish artist Benny Dröscher. For this exhibition, the artist has prepared seven new acrylics on canvas and he requested that each painting is complemented with a seat where the visitor can sit down.

The artist indicates a few simple actions - "Concentrate. Empty your mind. Breath. Take a break!" - to look at the works, a kind of contemplation of his paintings. Since it takes time to fully enjoy what art proposes, this way of observing allows the visitor the time necessary to catch the deep meaning of the works.

When, laying down on a meadow, you look at the sky and the clouds rapidly passing by, the mind is astonished by the wealth of details, colours, shapes, although it does not focus the attention on anything in particular. Thanks to this image, the artist is suggesting a way to observe his paintings that - as it always happens with his works - harmoniously cross the boundaries of the genres and styles of painting although none of them prevails on the others. His paintings are figurative, almost hyper-realist, but at the same time abstract works; they have a perspective structure but at the same time they deny it.

The visitor is taken to a reality free from prejudices and conditionings, where the ambiguous game between reality and fiction, the strong call to natural elements, and the use of quotes, lead to an emotional involvement aiming at representing the spirituality which permeates everything.

Also his new works confirm this attitude: they look like abstractions where you can recognize elements that cannot be traced back to a single particular context, but rather to a number of possible contexts, with various influences among which Cy Twombly. They are compositions of natural elements and symbolic quotes which, as a whole, "look like a Zen practice".

The exhibition suggests to get prepared to a contemplative condition, fundamental to fully enjoy the spirituality permeating life. Inspired by the words of D.H. Lawrence, Dröscher invites to visit the exhibition as an opportunity to wander through a Terra Incognita where "there are vast realms of consciousness still undreamed of".

Exhibition 21 June - 5 October 2012. Blindarte comporanea, via Caio Duilio 4d-10 - 80125 Napoli (Italy). Tel.: +39 (0)8 12 39 52 61.

The seats present in the show, carefully selected by the artist, are designed by Charles Eames (Lunge Chair, Side Chair DSR), Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (Barcelona Chair), Eero Saarinen (Tulip Chair), Marcel Breuer (Wassily Chair), Warren Platner (for Knoll Side Chair), Verner Panton (Lounge Chair), Mario Bellini (Camaleonda, Cameleon), De Sede (DS 1025 sofa).

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