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Chiharu Shiota
Galerie Daniel Templon, Brussels (Belgium)

19.09 - 02.11.2013

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Press release

Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota will inaugurate the new Galerie Templon exhibition space in Brussels with a spectacular site-specific installation. Playing with scale and the venue’s architectural lines, the artist transforms the gallery space for her first solo show in Brussels.

Exhibition  19 September - 2 November 2013. Galerie Daniel Templon, Rue Veydt 13A - 1060 Bruxelles (Belgique). Tel.: +32 (0)2 537 13 17. Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm.

Chiharu Shiota, Galerie Daniel Templon, Brussels

Chiharu Shiota is an artist whose profile has risen rapidly in recent years. Her delicate works are freighted with intense emotion, leading the viewer into a solidified world that evokes the themes of absence and memory. Shiota weaves vast environments in tangled black threads, within which various evocative objects appear to float: musical instruments, dolls’ dresses, shoes, beds. Her graphic networks explore psychic imbrications, interpersonal connections. Shiota has written that “the threads are woven together. They become entangled. They tear. They unravel. They are like a mirror of the emotions.” She will be showing her drawings for the first time at the Galerie Templon in Brussels. These are works whose delicate pencil lines echo the threads of yarn, gentle lines that evoke sculptural volumes as well as the artist’s self-image.

Ana Mendieta, Untitled (Silueta series, Mexico), 1976 © The Estate of Ana Mendieta Collection. Couresy Galerie Lelong, New York

Chiharu Shiota, Labyrinth of Memory, 2012. Photo: Sunhi Mang

Chiharu Shiota, Labyrinth of Memory, 2012. Photo: Sunhi Mang