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International exhibitions Doug & Mike Starn, Big Bambú, Macro Testaccio, Roma

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Doug & Mike Starn, Big Bambú
Macro Testaccio, Roma (Italy)

Since 11.12.2012

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Press release

Thousands of bamboo rods will be connected and interlocked with a traditional method, which creates an unusual structure/sculpture where visitors can go along paths and walkways experiencing new sensations. Designed by the Starn brothers as a living organism, constantly changing in its complexity and energy, the work of the series “Big Bamboo” grows up to about 25 meters thanks to bamboo, a solid and flexible material that is also highly symbolic. The work is built by the artists themselves and their group of experienced climbers. Within the architecture-sculpture the unpredictable intersection of bamboo becomes at the same time a playful element and an expression of the diversity of life, imagination and human creativity.

The flexibility and interlacing of the bamboo not only represents the physical construction elements, but also the mental elements of reflection. The visitors have the opportunity to indulge in the space of this work of art in constant transformation, conceived as if the structure would never finish. A large living organism that transforms itself, moves, adapts to time and grows not in size, but in sensations. In this way, the Starn brothers create one of the few works of contemporary art that remains constantly organic and alive – capable of welcoming the audience and incorporating them as an integral part of the process – even if presented in its finished version like a sculpture.

Opening to visitors since 11 Decembre 2012. MACRO Testaccio, Piazza O. Giustiniani 4, Roma (Italy). Opening hours Tue-Sun 16:00 - 22:00. Closed on Monday.