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Fiona Mc Donald
The Drawing Project, Dublin (Ireland)

29.02 - 06.03.2012

07.09 - 25.11.2012

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Fiona Mc Donald's practice comprises of installation, print and digital media works, which utilize audio-visual and sensor technology and which incorporate generative sonic and visual content. Her artworks consist of bespoke experimental apparatus - which meditate on the dynamics between art and science; man- made and ‘natural' systems; the technological and the ‘alive'; experiment and knowledge; form and content. Often her work rebuilds systems or analogue technology to create generative drawings or systems.

In the work “Wavelength /nm” the workings of an analogue spectrophotometer (an instrument used in chemical quantitative analysis) are reconstructed. Absorption v wavelength readings are plotted using Processing and Opensource programming language to create a live data driven generative drawing.

In “Ferromagnetic lunarscape”, a pulse width modulated electrical current transferred to a number of electromagnets cause a lattice drawing of ferromagnetic dust to expand and contract in regular mirroring movements. The pulse width modulating circuit generates square wave audio signals which are amplified throughheadphones. These accumulations and erosions of forms are suggestive of moonscapes, eco-systems or crystal worlds. “Polymeric systems” creates a 3D drawing using tubing and connectors linking perspex tanks of zinc worlds.

Exhibition 29 February - 6 March 2012. The Drawing Project, Harbour Squ. Crofton rd, Dunlaoghaire - Dublin (Ireland).

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Fiona McDonald, Ferro-magnetic Lunar Landscape

Fiona McDonald, Ferro-magnetic Lunar Landscape