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Kyotographie, International Festival of Photography

Kyoto, various venues  (Japan)

19.04 - 11.05.2014

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Press release

The 2nd edition of the Kyotographie International Photography Festival will be held in various venues of Kyoto, from 19th of April until the 11th of May, 2014. The Festival announce a diverse selection of outstanding internationally acclaimed photographs.

Our Environment is the overarching theme in 2014, exploring our planet, our relationships to each other and nature, our impacts and influence, and the world's we seek to understand. These exhibitions and the related programs offer us an opportunity to consider our current state and surroundings, while enjoying a city famous for its blend and natural wonder and man-made beauty.


Kyotographie, International Festival of photography,  19 April -11 May 2014.

Various venues, Kyoto (Japan)


Kyotographie, International Festival of Photography

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