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Lae & Leben

Reventlow Park, Horslunde (Denmark)

01.05 - 30.09.2013

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Press release

Lae & Leben is a temporary exhibition of sculptural works in the Reventlow Park where art, nature and cultural history meet in perfect harmony. The sculptural works will be organized as an experience route in the park and around the lake.

Exhibition May 1 - September 30, 2013. Reventlow Park, Pederstrupvej 124 - 4913 Horslunde, Lolland (Denmark).

Lae & Leben, Reventlow Park, Horslunde

Long rows of willows and poplars along roads and field boundaries are Lolland-Falster’s hallmark. Willow and poplar has a special historical significance her, where the stony poor sil made it impossible to construct stone walls, and instead demanded fast growing material for wicker fences. In the vernacular a distinction is made between willow and poplar, they have grown together in a common term : poplarwillow.

Mile long fences made shelter on the flat island and screened crops for invasive cattle and loose game, and they made peace and harmony the inhabitants inbetween. C.F. Reventlow, who helped to make the farmer free of serfdom, planted according to tradition a parent tree to the island’s poplars in his garden - Renvetlow Park. The trees are now a few hundred years old and are home to rare species of bats and form part of the special local wildlife.