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International exhibitions Mauricio Limón, With all the respect that you deserve!

Mauricio Limón, ¡Con todo el respeto que usted se merece!
(With all the respect that you deserve!)
Oaxaca Painters’ Museum, Mexico - 03.10 - 18.11.2012

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Art Agenda Press release

MUPO Oaxaca is pleased to present “¡Con todo el respeto que usted se merece!” (With All the Respect that You Deserve!), a solo exhibition by internationally known Mexican artist Mauricio Limón. Held from October 3rd to November 18th, 2012, the show is curated by Laura Saenz and Rincón Projects (Margarita Rodríguez) for the II Visual Arts Festival at Oaxaca, Mexico.

“¡Con todo el respeto que usted se merece!” is the final stage of a project Limón has been developing for the past ten years. Using cotton candy as the pivotal subject of his research, the artist has been working alongside three generations of a family of cotton candy makers who claim to be direct descendants of the man who introduced cotton candy to Mexico in 1927.

Limón began to conceptually explore cotton candy’s plasticity by using it to cover neon structures or to fill spaces like a storefront at a subway station or the interior of a bus.

His latest approach to the material has expanded beyond its physical attributes to explore the life and ordeals of the family of cotton candy makers and their commitment to an archaic and unsustainable profession that may soon disappear.

In this exhibition, Limón presents a new body of work, including painting, video, photography and sculpture, and a performance titled Degradación Sobre Traje (Degradation Over Suit), which will be held on October 3rd. The performance consists of the artist receiving a large quantity of cotton sugar over his body, which itself is used as tool to degrade the sugar.

Overall, Limón’s show addresses topics related to art itself such as materiality and explores new forms of sculpture that are interlaced with the concept of the ephemeral, with death and the body, and with sociological issues such as the informal economy, popular culture and the role of the artist within society.

Early versions of this project have been presented at the Morelos subway station in Mexico City (Sensacional Rosado, 2002), at the Trolebus Project (Mexico City, 2006) and at Zona Maco, Mexico’s Contemporary Art Fair, in 2008.

Exhibition October 3–November 18, 2012. Oaxaca Painters’ Museum (Museo de los Pintores Oaxaqueños (MUPO)) Independencia 607 - Esquina García Vigil, Centro Histórico - Oaxaca, 68000 México.

Mauricio Limón, Cerniendo el azùcar (Sifting of Sugar), 2012. Video still. Courtesy of the artist

Mauricio Limón, Cerniendo el azùcar (Sifting of Sugar), 2012. Video still. Courtesy of the artist

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