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International exhibitions Roman Signer, Horloge (Clock), permanent project, Trivero

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Roman Signer, Horloge (Clock), permanent project
Trivero (Italy)

Opening September 22, 2012

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Art Agenda Press release

ALL’APERTO, a contemporary art project curated by Andrea Zegna and Barbara Casavecchia, is an initiative of Fondazione Zegna, a non-profit organization that since 2000 supports cultural, social, medical and environmental projects in different parts of the world.

For its fourth edition, ALL’APERTO is proud to present Roman Signer’s first permanent public project in Italy. Entitled Horloge (Clock, 2012), the work is a four metre high “time-sculpture,” as the artist defines it. Akin to an oversized railway station clock, Horloge has an enameled dial but no hands; every quarter of an hour, the time is marked by a long puff of high-pressure steam, each time different and about to vanish, like all the fleeting moments of our life. With irony and lightheartedness, Signer thus invites the viewers to engage in a periodic existential reflection. “Only the human time seems to run on a regular basis,” says Signer, “while nature and energy follow a different flux, where perpetual change is the rule.”

With its unexpected puffs, Horloge wants to surprise the public, as if it was a surreal apparition, but also quietly mingle with the town pace. The sculpture is located in via Roma, in front of Zegna’s wool mill main entrance, because its project unfolded during a walk the artist took on top of the factory’s roof, under its towering old brick chimney and among the emissions of vapour coming from the plant. With his “trail of smoke” Signer established a connection between work time and free time, and also between Trivero and his homeland landscape of Canton of St. Gallen, where the hills are studded with the chimneys of the local lace factories.

Opening 22 September 2012. Fondazione Zegna, Via Marconi 23 - 13835 Trivero (Italy).

Roman Signer, Horloge (Clock), 2012. Enamel clock face, sandblasted stainless steel. Courtesy ALL’APERTO

Roman Signer, Horloge (Clock), 2012. Enamel clock face, sandblasted stainless steel. Courtesy ALL’APERTO