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International exhibitions The collective Eye, an intercollective platform, Subte, Montevideo

The collective Eye, an intercollective platform
Subte, Montevideo (Uruguay)

18.10 - 02.12.2012

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Press release

The idea and wish to create a long-lasting project came in 2011 in Montevideo, where we were discussing what art-criticism and art-making mean today and how they might complement one another. We decided to create an internet-platform for artists working in collectives, initially from Europe and South America, enabling them to connect and interchange as well as to simply present their work and projects, videos, photos or pictures in general. The platform makes it possible for anyone to take a closer look at how collectives work together, how they see, think and create.

At the same time it provides an insight into other cultures and the individual situation in the countries themselves, in which artists connect to be a heterogeneous collective and possibly why.

The Collective Eye is the name of the German-Uruguay-Platform Intercollective/Plataforma Intercolectiva with its editorial department in Montevideo and Düsseldorf. We are not only asking ourselves how collectives work together, but also what makes the artists want to work together. And what has changed in the digital age?

Is there a certain subjectivity within a collective? And where is the difference to the general definition of subjectiveness? Is it possible that under the circumstances of the ‘New Complexity’ a collective responds to the requirements and anticipations of our time? Besides the practical experience of a collective, we are interested in the discourse, the theory, an understanding of what collectives do and how collectives have changed. The history of collectives, their failures and successes, are of interest. We want to avoid detached theorization, but be close to reality. We’re approaching the idea of a ‘phenomenolgical model of a collective phantasy’ and analyze the matter of ‘intersubjectivity’ from a philosophical-, sociological, ethological, art historical or anthropological angle in an interdisciplinary way. The platform understands itself as an international cooperative among artist-collectives, facilitating communication.

The platform will not only be a tool to realize projects including activities, exhibitions or performances, but also to create a discourse through symposiums, colloquia and conferences in the context of the Collective. We want to actually participate and encourage collective thinking, seeing and imagining. The experience of learning more about an unknown culture is helping to sharpen the look and to broaden the mind.

The platform »the Collective Eye« understand itself as a platform with different aspects. One the hand, it offers a theoretical discourse. On the other hand, it presents an editorial part, a magazine with information and news about the Collective’s activities. Apart from that, the website enables artists to present themselves, and can be used by others to follow their activities, strongly supported by the design and interface of the website.

Here at »the Collective Eye« platform visitors will be able to experience, to see and comprehend how exhibitions are organized, the work in progress including essays, thumbnails, pictures and videos that are shared and presented to the public. Interviews with curators, collectives and theorists as well as vivid descriptions of WHAT is happening, enable an unusual close insight look behind the scenery. Comments, critique and complements will be welcome.

An important aspect of the platform concerns the development of art critique, which is different from the current method. Reviewers – both established or beginner – will be able to participate in a way and become part of the Collective and process without any time lag. The platform commits itself to a complete different understanding of critique, which won’t be any longer a simple reaction, but will be a concrete intervention during the process as it changes, initiates, revises, suggests and critiques.

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Exhibition October 18 - December 12, 2012. Centro de Exposiciones SUBTE Plaza Fabini, Avda. 18 de Julio y J. H. y Obes, Montevideo (Uruguay).

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