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Youmna Chlala : Days of Being Wild

Art in general, New York (USA)

20.04 - 29.06.2013

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Art in General presents solo exhibitions by three young New York-based artists whose works are inspired by landscape from America's mythic west to modern Cairo, to the surf at New York's Jones and Long Beaches. Using photo-based sculptures and video, the site-specific projects charge their architectural environments, investigating our universal and personal relationships to memory, nature, and site. The artists : Letha Wilson, Kimberlee Venable, Youmna Chlala.


Exhibition April 20 - June 29, 2013. Art in General, 79 Walker Street - New York, NY 10013 (USA). Tel.: 212 219 04 73. Opening hours : Tue - Sat 12:00 - 18:00.

Youmna Chlala : Days of Being Wild, Art in general, New York

Youmna Chlala: Days of Being Wild

For her Musée Miniscule project, Youmna Chlala presents a new video, Days of Being Wild, filmed on location in Cairo, Egypt. The video documents a walled balcony where two small children play soccer, illuminating the vertical mosaic of city life. Though universal in subject matter, Chlala's video lovingly documents modern Cairo, where life and leisure occur above the city, behind walls, blurring public and private space. Presented within the compact interior of the Musée Miniscule, the intimate size of the Days of Being Wild mirrors Chlala's original vantage point, highlighting her voyeurism, and compounding how an audience witnesses, and is complicit, in an innocent private act.